We are glad you are here! With our vast experience managing properties we understand how to reduce your maintenance arrears, manage your repairs, improve your cash flow and make your Strata compliant with the standards of the Strata Commission.

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Services Strata Management Packages
Reduce Arrears Total Management Certified Compliant Efficient Bookkeeping
Collect maintenance fees each month  
Issue late-payment reminders to tardy owners      
Supervise employees and ancillary workers  
Supervise maintenance of the common areas  
Serve warning notices of payment to delinquent owners    
Maintain up-to-date computerized bookkeeping records    
Maintain an accurate database of all Strata owners    
Monitor and enforce the Strata bylaws related to the complex  
Send regular electronic newsletters of Strata happenings to owners  
Supervise the audit of the Strata accounts    
Maintain telephone hotline for complaints and emergencies  
Obtain Power of Sale certificates for delinquent owners    
Pay all Strata bills    
Resolve owners’ complaints  
Obtain Certificate of compliance for Strata    

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